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6th-14th August 2022

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The class choices for ROSS 2022 are A: How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying / B: Big Fish / C: A Man of No Importance

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Please note that, your application will not be processed until a deposit of £85 is received, details of which will be sent to you by email and presented to you once the form has been submitted.

Once the deposit has been paid, you may pay the remaining course fees at any point prior to 1st June 2022. It is worth noting that many students choose to spread the costs using a standing order which you may be able to set up via your own on-line banking.

By checking the below box you agree to the terms of your application. You also understand that the deposit is non-refundable and agree to pay the balance in full by 1st June 2022.

Should you cancel before the 1st June 2022, any payment made in excess of the deposit are refundable. All payments made are entirely non-refundable after 1st June 2022.

As a Participant you are agreeing to take responsibility for your own property, health and well-being when you are attending ROSS and you agree not to attend if your presence would put the health and well-being of others at risk. ROSS considers the Health and Safety of all of our attendees to be a priority. We will put in place all reasonable site specific safety measures including sanitation procedures in line with the prevailing Covid-19 guidance in August 2022. However, ROSS can accept no liability for any illness, Covid-19 related or otherwise, that may subsequently be contracted after the event.

Please note that Ripon Operatic Summer School (ROSS) is a registered charity number 1065859 As a charity we are able to claim Gift Aid from HMRC provided that you have given your consent by ticking the box below against the declaration.

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